Inspired by diatoms observed under the microscope, we found a myriad of pores, symmetry and patterns. We began to researching further the structure and shapes of diatoms and sketching drawings .

From  initials sketches we made a clay model and analysed the results. Repetitive patterns found in diatoms and the fact some diatoms form colonies or chains -like a lego block; they are uniform and interlocking. 

We wanted to replicate this natural beautiful pattern in a mass produced way.

After she designed a model in 3d programme (Rhinoceros) We ‘brought to life’ by using 3D printer.

We chose the fluorescent jelly cord for the diatom necklace as she wanted the final product to be bright, modern and eye catching. The diatom can be thread through the pores vertically or horizontally.


Exhibited in Natural History Museum in 2014.